Personal, innovative, design.

At JabalĂ­ Surfboards, we design and craft personalised wooden surfboards for you to take for a ride wherever your mood takes you.

We create high quality wooden surfboards completely in-house using proven materials and building methods. We use balsa wood as a base material for our hollow boards and apply an innovative "bombproof" construction, which makes the surfboards suprisingly strong and light. Additionally you may choose between our classic or supaflex construction to get the board responsiveness you prefer.

Utilising our engineering background and cooperating with fellow shapers, surfers and material researchers we constantly look to improve our surfboards to build to the best suited craft combining waves, rider, environmental friendlines, and durability.

Unique, handcrafted, performance.

JabalĂ­ wooden surfboards are designed and tailormade to meet your surfing needs.

We build them completely by hand, from cutting the internal frame to applying a final UV-protective coating. And while we appreciate computerised tools such as laser cutting and CNC shaping we opt to use our hands as we choose to stay close to the craft.

The use of wood's natural flexibility and the weight distribution of the surfcrafts give you a pleasant and exceptional surfing experience.

Ecofriendly, best-in-class.

Jabali Surfboards are a step towards ecofriendly surfing. Our boards are stronger than its foam cousins and therefore more durable.

Using sustainably grown wood, epoxy glue with a high plant and vegetable matter content, and by minimising the use of and recycling materials, we craft the most environmentally friendly surfboards currently available.

In order to stay ahead of the curve we take part in the ecoboard project, an international initiative by to produce ecofriendlier surfboards in a more healthy manner. Jabali Surfboards received the highest accreditation and is a qualified gold level ecoboard builder.

Exceptional. Art.

In addition to the unique character of our wooden surfcraft, we offer handpainted decorations by artists to give your board additional ooomph. Flip through the boards on this website and our social channels to see what is possible.

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Driving sustainability
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