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Interested in your own wooden surfboard?

Jabali Surfboards builds hollow wooden boards inspired by Paul Jensen and then developed onwards with plenty of inspiration by others.

If you don't know what kind of board you want, have look if you find a board of your liking in the boards section. If you do, just tell us - we love to build all kinds of water gliding craft, from long to short, classic to experimental.

Please note our boards are built from scratch, a build takes 6 to 8 weeks, and there is probably a waiting list. But, sometimes we have used testboards for sale or (admittedly very rarely) in stock, which means they are available immediately.

Fill out your ideas in the webform below, or drop us an email, and we will get back to you.


Not sure what to get?

Choosing a board is always exciting, and sometimes a challenge. Tell us about your skill level, fitness, style, objectives, surfspot, and we will help you decide. An additional tool, an index, will help you to determine your optimum board volume.

The volume of a surfboard is a parameter, just as valid and important as it's length, width and thickness. Once you know your optimum volume, you can instantly determine if a board will work for you by checking it's volume. This chart very simply combines your weight range with your skill level, to give you an educated guess of what your optimum surfboard volume is.

Note, that the more honest you are to yourself about your skill level, the more accurate this table is. When in doubt, selecting a larger volume surfboard, will give you a better ride.

How much do they cost?

Our boards are not necessarily cheap, but they are uniquely built for you, by hand, and will last a lot longer than foam boards.

Boards cost approximately EURO 200 a foot, starting at 1175EURO for anything up to 6foot. The final price depends on design, length, shape, type of woods and decoration.

We will provide you an exact quotation up front, and that is the price you pay. If your requirements change during the building process, the price may change a bit, of course. A 50% pre-payment is all that is required to get started. The other 50% is payable on completion.

You may decide to pick-up your board at our atelier in Braga, or have it shipped to you.

Sex up your board?

Boards come standard with a logo, a specs box and coloured rails. If that is not enough you may opt for prints on ricepaper, coloured resin, fabrics, and handdrawn or -painted art.

And if you really want to go mental you may work with artists such as Bold Design to get your unique board.

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